Twin Peaks obtains all necessary permitting for land acquisition projects.  Permits are required when any work is going to be undertaken in the public right-of-way.  Our team is familiar with all general procedures for obtaining a variety of permits, as well as processes specific to municipalities or utility franchises.  Obtaining the proper permits ensures compliance, decreases delays and facilitates efficient completion of project, and protects the public infrastructures.

Twin Peaks is able to oversee and obtain a wide variety of permits, including, but not limited to:

  • Utility Permits, including gas, electric, telephone, cable TV, cellular, fiber optics, water and sanitary sewers
  • Street Improvement Permits
  • Street Use Permits
  • Temporary Street Closure Permits
  • Traffic and Parking Permits
  • Shoring and Excavation Permits
  • State Right of Way Permits
  • STH Connection Permits, including driveway, public or private roads and recreational trails
  • Survey Permits
  • Environmental Permits
  • Bureau of Land Management Permits
  • Local, County, State, Federal Permits
  • Railroad Permits
  • Corps of Engineer Permits