Over the years, Twin Peaks Field Services has been privileged to work with some great companies and some amazing people on projects as varied in size, scope, industry and location as could be. On occasion, we receive a kind word or two from clients and landowners alike. We know we do a great job on every project but it’s pretty great to hear (or read) it too.

We thought we’d share a few of those notes with you here:

Dear Nancy,

I appreciated your good business manner when dealing with the damages from the pipeline digs. The weather was not very cooperative for your work or mine. It was a pleasure to finally be able to deal with a respectable person with good manners and a cooperative attitude. I felt that you were aware of the sacrifices we as landowners make when our land is being used for pipelines. When I was dealing with you, I still felt I had some control over my land the pipeline company was using. Since this is an unsolicited letter, I hope you can pass it along to your company head or other potential customers thinking about using your company. I hope to deal with you on future digs.



Chautauqua County, Kansas